Formula One

Natural Beef Flavor

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Product Overview:

Love really is a four-legged word so treat your pets to our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and watch them thrive like never before! Let’s face it, our fur-babies love us unconditionally, so they deserve the absolute best too. They’ll go barking mad for our natural beef flavoring, so add it to their food or water daily.

Active Ingredient:

• Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (11.7mg per 1ml)

Key Attributes:

• Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

• Maximum benefits with entourage effect.

• Medium Chain Triglycerides promote bioavailability through healthy digestion.


• Shake well before each use.

• Follow recommended dosage for your pet’s weight.

• Administer orally or add dose to pet’s food or water once or twice daily.


What is the best dosage for my pet?

Can I increase the dosage if my pet has health issues?

Begin with a cautionary dose and monitor how your pet reacts. Increase dose to the above chart when you feel comfortable.

Can I increase the dosage if my pet has health issues?

Yes, if your pet is showing signs of discomfort and/or anxiety you can slowly increase their dosage. Consult your vet before giving your pets hemp.